Friday, January 29, 2010

The Bigger the Better! ...when it comes to marathon medals :)

Ordinarily, I would preach that running a marathon is NOT about the medal or the finish line.  It is about the journey that gets you there. Well, screw that! Have you seen the Little Rock Marathon Finishers Medal!? (click on the pic for a closer look) I got a bad case of the medal fever for that one! That sucker is huuuuge AND cool! It weighs in at 1.67 pounds and is 7 3/4 inches tall x 6 inches wide. Since 2004, the Little Rock Marathon has offered the largest marathon medal in the world. Read the story behind it HERE. Even though I am training for the Big Sur Marathon on April 25th, I might have to tough it out in Arkansas on March 7th just to get that medal... that thing is awesome! Good job race directors! POST RACE FOOD: If you make it to Little Rock, AR and are looking for an awesome post-race-meal be sure to check out FLYING FISH. I went there on a road trip in 2003 and I still get nostalgic about the jumbo shrimp basket we got!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turning an experienced runner into a marathoner!

I found a great ARTICLE today from our friends at COMPETITOR about an experienced runner, Brett Gotcher who just ran his first marathon, the HOUSTON MARATHON in 2hr 10min! The article is an interviews with Brett's running coach Greg McMillan. Greg is kind enough to spill the beans on some of his training secrets as well as give some great advice for experienced marathoners improving their times. Happy Trails! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Run for something other than yourself!

With the effects of the Earthquake still taking its toll in Haiti, people around the world and especially here in the US have put forth significant philanthropic efforts in spite of our current economic hardships. It is uplifting and inspiring to see people donating their time and/or money to help others in need even if their means to help are little.

Even though we cannot all rush into the disaster zone and offer hands on help, and for some of us donating even $1.00 is too much, there are still ways to help people in need. Running for a charity is a great way to do it. There are quite a few charities that you can help raise money for by running a race. TEAM IN TRAINING, TEDY'S TEAM for the AMERICA HEART ASSOC, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY's TEAM ACS, just to name a few. Marathons also parnter with charities and supply them with bib numbers to give to their runners. Here are some links to Charity Team section of the Boston Marathon, NYC Marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

I ran for Tedy's Team once and it was an awesome experience. I would advise that you actually try to raise the money instead of just "writing the check". I had a great experience reaching out to friends and family and receiving their support to help a great cause as well as run a marathon. It was an emotional and inspirational experience. Stroke and heart disease has affected my family directly and you also learn about your teammates stories and experiences as well. One runner on our team was a multi-stroke survivor who was running with his daughters during their first marathon.

Does anyone know of any running charities that are benefiting Haiti? Would anyone be interested in joining a team that raised money for Haiti (maybe for NYC Marathon, SF Marathon, Chicago, or any other summer/fall marathons)?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get some sweet orange laces and help kids be and stay healthy!

You might be asking yourself, "Why would Adam put orange laces on his favorite trail running shoes, the BROOKS CASCADIA'S?" Well, it's because I am supporting RUN FOR SOMETHING BETTER. This non-profit funds free fitness programs in schools in order to help kids stay healthy and fit and not become OBESE. They also allow you to choose which city you would like your donation to go to. If you DONATE $10 or more you'll get some sweet orange laces too! These laces are extra sweet because they bring good luck and they go with any color shoes you have. Look at the pic above... who would have though that bright orange and red look great together!? These laces also rock because you get lots of HIGH FIVES when you go out for a run. I just ordered another pair to put on my street shoes, the ASIC GEL-NIMBUS. Happy Trails... and Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Initially, I was hesitant to watch FOOD INC because I felt like it would be a little too much "preaching to the choir". As a runner I am health conscious and choose to eat as healthy as possible. Living in San Francisco just makes it easier. There are great local markets and FARMERS MARKETS (use that link to find your closest farmers market!) to buy organic, local and independent farmers produce. I'm guessing as a fellow runner you might be in the same boat of feeling like you know what's up with your diet. I learned quite a bit a from watching this movie and it definitely made me more conscious about spreading the word. Hence, this blog post. It's a great movie to buy, watch and then pass along to a friend. Here's a link to buy the DVD on Amazon. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Undefeated Running Stickers are back!

If you would like a few complimentary stickers please send your snail mail address to:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Run for your Life

I watched RUN FOR YOUR LIFE last night. It documents Fred Lebow's founding of the NYC Marathon and his overall impact on running culture. It was an excellent movie! Here's a link to the DVD on Amazon:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One foot in front of the other to the finish line!

I once asked a multi-marathoner and ironman what was his best piece of advice for someone who was about to run their first marathon (that was me). He replied, "left, right, left, right". It sounds funny at first but he was serious and he is right. That is the most important thing about running a marathon, reaching any goal, or overcoming any challenge. Somewhere between mile 4 and 6 on every Marathon or run that is 20+ miles I get a feeling where my stomach drops and I think, "I am making progress but will I make it to the end?" I start focusing on the run itself again, left, right, left, right and the feeling goes away within a second or two.

The Earthquake and subsequent devastation that has hit Haiti has made any idea that I had for a blog entry seem shallow. Today I woke up thinking about what if I was in a disaster situation like the Haitians are in now? What would I do? My mind went to running and I began translating my marathon running mentality into survival skills. Left, right, left, right.    

I was in the 1989 Earthquake here in San Francisco. I was nine. I can't say that I completely understand what Haiti is going through but I have a pretty good idea. It is quite a jarring feeling when the earth shakes and rumbles beneath you. You feel VERY small. Although certain parts of San Francisco were destroyed there was no where near the destruction that Haiti is facing today. I know the Haitians are diving into what needs to be done and at some point each one will think, at least for a second, "We are making progress but can we make it to the end?" To overcome this whole experience is daunting and 1000x harder than reaching any marathon's finish line. I hope that the Haitians are able to continue rebuilding and pushing forward one foot after the other. Here's a LINK to an inspirational story about a mother and her son running their first marathon together in honor of a loved one.  They are running the Chevron Houston Marathon this Sunday.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our thoughts and prayers are with Haiti

You can make a $5 donation by TEXTING "YELE" to 501501 or a $10 donation by TEXTING "HAITI" to 90999. Both campaigns are legit and were set up by the US Dept of State. All carriers are participating. The pictures above were provided by my friend Chrissy Lynn Photography. You can see more Haiti pics on her BLOG.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hangover Training Method.

Tested by many. Feared by all... Running with a hangover. Although, if you're passed out the morning after on picnic table in your underwear or praying to the porcelain gods the night before you're probably not gonna make it out for a run... maybe a walk.

At the... "ripe" age of 29 my social life and training life often are often at war. Battles are won and lost and the war will probably never have a true victor. On Friday night the social-life-side prevailed although a valiant effort was put forth from the training-life. They rallied to ensure that I consumed H2O (occasionally) through out the evening and A LOT of H2O just before going to sleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling like I was on mile 22 and didn't stop at enough aid stations. I made myself some "cheesy toast" (soy cheese + butter on Omega 3 bread), coffee, ate a banana and drank about a liter of water. An hour later I was in my running gear and heading out for my 6-mile pace run.

I'll sum up the run for you:
Mile 1: Hurting
Mile 2: Hurting
Mile 3: Hurting (the turn around point made me feel good for about 30 seconds tho!)
Mile 4: Hurting
Mile 5: Hurting
Mile 6: Hurting

My pace was not stellar and as I was running I started to think if there were ANY benefits of this run. Not only did I clear up some of the blurry moments in my head from the night before, I also realized that running with a hangover is similar to HITTING THE WALL! The causes of most hangovers as well as major factors in hitting the wall are HYPOGLYCEMIA and DEHYDRATION. Here's the actual definition of a HANGOVER.

So obviously, running with a hangover can be dangerous (For the sake of legal things... I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT) but if you're careful it might make your body better at handling the tougher moments of a race... The key is to not over do it because alcohol inhibits your muscle recovery and you will become a weaker runner. Also, if you fuel properly you won't "hit the wall"... unless you're hungover. Happy trails! 

Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Treadmill a lot during the winter months? Make it interesting and improve your running...

Make it interesting! Switch up your pace and incline. With just a few clicks you can significantly improve your running. Check out this PACE/INCLINE CONVERSION CHART from our friends at  I love the look on that lady's face while she's on the most insane incline I've ever seen on a treadmill!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indoor Marathon!?

Only in Minnesota! The "Zoom! Yah! Yah! Marathon" is this Sunday in Northfield, Minnesota. It takes place at St. Olaf College and is hailed as "the world's most prestigious indoor marathon".  On Sunday, there will be 43 runners from 16 states running 150 laps around the 282 meter track! Good luck runners!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Marathon & Beyond

Marathon and Beyond is a 12 yr old marathon and ultramarathon magazine. They provide training programs, health info, and insights into the personal side of running long distances. It's a great alternative to Running Times and Runner's World because it focuses exclusively on Marathons and Ultra's. Hope you're enjoying January running weather!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marathon Training Schedule a la Hal Higdon...

If you haven't check out the link to your right that says "Hal Higdon Training Site", you should. I am following one of his many marathon training schedule's for the Big Sur Marathon in April. I am on the 3rd week of the Advanced I Training Schedule and loving it. I'm going on this run in a couple hours:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!! Is Running your New Year's Resolution?

Welcome to the future! It's 2010! Time to run. If running is somehow involved in your new year's resolution here are some tips to help stay on track (no pun intended):
1) Listen to Music! 
2) If you find yourself struggling during a run pick a visible goal in the distance, once you get there, pick another one!
3) Switch it up. Change your running route. Change your pace. Go to the track. Run hills sprints.
4) Sign up for races.
5) If you run on a treadmill ALWAYS keep at least a 1% grade on it.
6) If you think your run is hard think about something that would be harder... like climbing Mt. Everest!

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