Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fueling your Body and Mind... Personal Health and Environmental Health

I watched FOOD INC again last night with some friends because I wanted to share the knowledge with them. After watching Food Inc we found another interesting documentary called THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH which is a film about a little known treatment for cancer and other ailments called GERSON THERAPY. DR. GERSON discovered a way to cure cancer and other ailments through a strict diet which was rooted in organic food. He wrote two books about his case studies. He was poisoned and his first manuscript was stolen but he survived by treating himself with his own therapy. He rewrote the findings of his case study and was poisoned again but this time he perished. Similar to the giant food and agricultural corporations that try to control what we eat while simultaneously playing a huge role in destroying our environment, drug corporations and our medical establishment went to great lengths to repress the Gerson Therapy... including stealing his findings and killing Gerson!

What does all of this have to do with running? Everything! A line sticks out in mind from BORN TO RUN... the author is talking about SCOTT JUREK's and the Tarahumara diet and says that (I'm paraphrasing...) "Scott eats fruits, vegetables and whole grains. All of those things are easily digestible and provide the proper nutrition Scott needs. He is ready to run anytime, anywhere and any distance" (not sure about the any distance part but it sounds cool, right!?). While watching THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH it struck me that the Gerson Therapy Diet is similar to a runner's diet and the dietary suggestions made in FOOD INC. Keep in mind that the Gerson Therapy is used to cure ailments so the diet is extreme but the benefits in the foundation are there.

Because of the effects of food on our health and the environment it is extremely important that our diet is predominately filled with FRUITS, VEGETABLES and WHOLE GRAINS... I hope I am preaching to the choir here... Go to farmer's markets, read labels, avoid saturated fat and processed foods, feel good and RUN! Remember your power as a consumer and demand healthy food and a healthy environment. Check out the ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION that is dedicated to promoting health, justice, sustainability, peace and democracy. Ru    

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