Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Killer Gym Workout

It's mostly circuit training but it adds some additional strength and endurance/running training. No two of these workouts are ever the same for me but the general series of workout types remains the same.  Very minimal or no breaks between exercises. If you really want to build up those running legs do this in reverse. Attempt at your own risk!!

1) Run 30-60 minutes starting with 2 miles of hills at 4-6% incline. Then I usually decrease the incline but never below 1% for the next mile. Fluctuate the incline and speed for the remainder of your run spiking it at times for a half or full mile up above the incline that you started with.
2) Off the treadmill and straight into dips/or pull ups/or both and single leg calf raises. 1 set = 1st leg calf raises + 2nd leg calf raises + dips (3 sets total, you should build up to about 20 calf raises/set)
3) Hamstring machine; one leg at a time.
4) Squats + Sit ups + Push ups. Do real squats, with the bar and weights. If you're injured use a machine. 
5) If there is an arm bike available get on it for 4-6 minutes. Medium resistance. If not, do 30 big slow circles with your arms forward and then 30 backwards.
6) Pectoral exercise of your choice + Upper back exercise
7) Ab workout; leg raises, crunches, bike crunches, get creative with these.
8) Back on the treadmill for at least one more mile. This mile should be really tough. If not, work harder next time.
9) Get protein and the appropriate carbs immediately after.

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